"The Weight of Perfection" depicts two juxtaposed stages of the complex and most deadly behavioral illnesses, eating disorders. Psychologically troubled gymnastics coach Amanda, amid a bitter divorce, attempts to hide her dark secrets from the world and especially from her impressionable young gymnastic protégé Ellen. Under pressure to achieve perfection, Ellen finds herself becoming entangled in Amanda's problems but is trying to go for gold in an all-around unhealthy environment. Crumbling under the high expectations of social media, her mother, and Coach Amanda, Ellen ultimately resorts to a dangerous experimentation with food restriction and purging. As we witness Ellen's first stages of flirting with an eating disorder and watch it quickly develop into addictive behavior, Ellen has to confront the monster ready to scorch away her innocence and even her life. Will she fly higher, or will her now dangerous ambitions cause her dreams to disintegrate?