When award-winning writer, actor, and director Leanne Melissa Bishop met Jennifer Oleff, an LA-based film producer and artist, at the Catalina film festival in 2017, their connection was instant as they bravely exchanged their experiences of being ED survivors. When Leanne approached Jennifer about a script she had written, they dove headfirst into a collaboration. To round out the team, Jennifer contacted long-time friend and fellow active advocate for recovery and healing from EDs, Anabelle D. Munro, an award-winning director, and author, specialized in impact movie making and healing from eating disorders. 

Pulling from her own personal story, Leanne was the spark that brought "The Weight of Perfection" to reality. Her willingness as an actor to go into the deepest emotional states, to portray the pain that a sufferer of this deadly disease has to go through is courageous and ultimately served in her own recovery. This, in combination with Anabelle's unique expertise in exquisite visual storytelling, has brought a compelling and powerful film to the screen. Our team's deeply personal understanding of this deadly illness and the the absolute joyous outcome of recovery gives us a vast resource of experiences to use in our outreach.

Together the team is proud to invite you to understand the complexity of the fall into an ED and what a long term battle with this illness can look like. Our goal is to keep opening the dialogue about EDs as they are hugely underestimated in who they affect, how many they affect, and, most importantly, why they affect.

  • Would you be able to expose your dirtiest secret in order to help someone else Break the cycle? 

  • We celebrate those in rehab for drugs and alcohol. 

  • We encourage conversations about mental illness until someone says "Eating Disorder"- 

  • it's unsettling. This mental illness needs voices.